Keller Funnels…making breast augmentation better.

A new product is making Louisville Breast Augmenations easier. The Keller Funnels is a new product that allows silicone implants to be placed more quickly and easily. The implant is placed in the funnel using a “no-touch” technique, the neck of the funnel is placed thru the incision into the implant pocket, and the  implant is then squeezed thru the funnel. This allows placement of the implant without any contact with the skin.

To my knowledge I am the only Louisville Plastic Surgeon using this new technique.

Lee Corbett, MD

Maintenance of Board Certification

The American Board of Plastic Surgery requires all member surgeons certified after 1995 to participate in a Maintenance of Certification process. Older surgeons who were certified before 1995 are grandfathered in.

The maintenance program measures a surgeon’s dedication to continuing education. As a Board Certified surgeon who got his certificate in 1999, I participate in the MOC process. What this involves is scrutiny on the Boards part of my cases, patient satisfaction, professional standing with the hospitals and state licensure board. In addition, I have to take and pass a written exam every 10 years to keep my Boards. I took the test early in 2007 and am certified through 2019.

When you see a Louisville Plastic Surgeon ask if they participate in the MOC process.

Lee Corbett, MD

American Board of Plastic Surgery

While seeing patients today in my Louisville, KY Plastic Surgery office, I received the newletter from the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

On the cover was a photo of the Chairman of the Board, Dr. Michael Sadove. Also  newly elected to the Board was Dr. Robert Havlik. Both of these accomplished surgeons and national leaders trained me during my Plastic Surgery residency!

In addition, our Department Chairman, Dr. Jack Coleman is Past Chair of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Congratulations  to my former teachers, Drs. Sadove and Havlik!

Lee Corbett, MD