Dermal Filler Dos.

lyzahLyzah, Registered Nurse

Dermal fillers are used to correct volume loss in the face.  We can use these in cheeks, lips, tear troughs, temples, nasolabial folds, jaw line, ear lobes,chin… almost everywhere really.  When injecting dermal fillers, there are several guidelines I like to share with my patients to help them to achieve their best possible outcome.

First, I like to advise patients how to prepare to receive the injections.  I suggest that you discontinue the use of Aspirin, Fish Oil, and Vitamin E supplements 10 days prior.  This does not mean you can’t have filler if you took Aspirin that day or the night before.  It simply means you may experience some bruising associated with the blood thinning effect of these products.  I would also recommend taking Arnica (homeopathic for bruising) and Bromelain (homeopathic for inflammation) tablets 3 days prior (continue for 7 days after).  Again, if you don’t, it is not a deal breaker.  You just may experience more bruising and swelling.

Next, I like to give my patients a realistic idea of what to expect.  Many fillers are temporary hyaluronic acids that your body will eventually absorb naturally between 6-12 months.  Initial treatments, may require a ‘touch-up’ in 4-6 months to prolong results and/or increase volume for best results. This also depends on which product and how much product you choose initially.  The initial volume with Sculptra (polylactic acid) will diminish after the first 3-5 days. PLLA particles will then work to stimulate your own collagen to replenish lost volume. It is then important to follow up every 6-8 weeks until you achieve ‘FULL correction’ with this product. I stress that it is common to have swelling, redness, and even bruising after treatment. Following the instructions above and icing the area can help diminish one’s chance of experiencing these undesirable side effects.

Lastly, I recommend that you avoid direct exposure to heat and sunlight, excessive manipulation and rubbing of the treated area(s) for 48 hours, chemical peels and laser treatments immediately after.   Apply ice to the treated area(s) for the first 48 hours as well as Arnica cream and continue taking your Bromelain.  I also recommend drinking plenty of water for the next 5 days as this will help hyaluronic acid to ‘hydrate’.

I welcome my patients to call me if they have any questions post procedure.  This will help me when administering your next treatment.

Herbal Supplements: Helpful or Harmful?

In a Study published in the journal of my society, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, it was shown that almost 50% of patients who were planning to undergo some type of facial cosmetic procedure (facelifts, blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty) were taking some from of herbal supplement. The problem is that many of these supplements can have adverse effects for a surgical patient.

In the study, it was found that 49% of patients were using at least one supplement, usually vitamins. In all there were about 53 different supplements that were used and the average number of supplements used was about 3.

The problems we see as surgeons that are supplement related are that many patients don’t really know what is in these things and they can cause problems. Bleeding is probably the most common problem and is related to bilberry bromelain, fish oil, garlic, MSM, selenium and Vit E.

What I recommend to my patients is to stop taking all supplement 2 weeks before surgery. And, don’t be tricked into thinking that these supplements are always safe. A lot of my patients, when they fill out their intake paperwork, will omit their supplements because they are not prescriptions. This is a mistake and can lead to post operative complications.

Lee Corbett, MD